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Lip Pigmentation

Lip pigmentation can be a cosmetic concern for the brides to be because dark lips can bequite   worrying   for   many   at   the   time   when   they   are   on   the   verge   of   making   a   new beginning in their life. Also, dark lips aren’t considered cosmetically elegant or healthy ingeneral. So, when nothing seems to work efectively to get back to original pink-looking lips, you can opt for a lip pigmentation treatment to heal your dark lips well before the wedding. Dark lips could be genetic but other external factors that trigger the conditionare   excessive   intake   of   tea/cofee,   overuse   of   lipsticks,   smoking,   drug   reactions   and tanning due to sun exposure. At our clinic we use the most advanced lasers to treat darklips.   This   unique   nano   second   laser   procedure   is   absolutely   painless,   safe   and   done without anesthesia. For achieving optimum results you may require multiple sessions atadequate intervals.


Lip Color* Results may vary person to person.


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