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Profhilo Treatment

Do you wish to maintain clear, hydrated and young-looking skin? PROFHILO is an innovative anti-aging cosmetic treatment provided at Dadu Medical Centre located in Delhi, Vasant Vihar (South Delhi), Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) that can help one to get a youthful-looking facial profile!

In today’s time, every person wants to look flawless so that they can get more life opportunities, build new personal relationships, and become socially active with high self-esteem and confidence. But as a person ages, there is a decline in the production of natural collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid that is needed for healthy skin. 

In the world of aesthetics, there have been many conventional and latest cosmetic treatment procedures some of which are invasive while others are minimally invasive or non-invasive. PROFHILO is the latest non-surgical, skin remodeling treatment offered in Delhi by Dr. Nivedita Dadu that has proven to be the best for combating skin aging problems including loss of skin volume, skin laxity, and tired, dull skin look. This injectable skin rejuvenation treatment can work perfectly for the cheeks, chin, hands, neck, and chest areas. 

Who is the best candidate for PROFHILO treatment?

The best candidates for PROFHILO treatment in Delhi are people looking for a nonsurgical option to delay or reverse aging. This treatment is an excellent choice for individuals who are aged between 30 to 50 years old and have started to experience visible signs of aging like change in skin texture, creepy skin, loss of elasticity, and lack of youthful radiance due to loss of hydration. 

This treatment is an excellent option for the early prevention of fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of volume by stimulating the release of collagen and elastin.

How does PROFHILO work?

PROFHILO is a hydrating injection that contains highly-concentrated Hyaluronic acid which is a natural hydrophilic substance capable of drawing and holding a large amount of water present in the body. It transforms dull and tired skin into glowing skin which can be best noticed after 3 to 5 days of treatment. 

This injection also has a secondary effect on the skin which is visible in a couple of days. It is the natural collagen and elastin remodeling treatment that leads to a significant enhancement of the quality of skin tissues i.e. making the skin firmer. 

As PROFHILO spreads to different body sites, it can also provide the required volume. Want to avail this treatment for anti-aging benefits? Visit at Dadu Medical Centre located in Delhi, Vasant Vihar (South Delhi), Rajouri Garden (West Delhi), the best anti-aging clinic in Delhi.

What to expect from PROFHILO anti-aging treatment in Delhi?

  • Pre-treatment:
    During the initial consultation, a cosmetic dermatologist analyzes the skin condition, reviews the client’s medical history and current health condition followed by a discussion of their expectations and the treatment plan.
    The area to be treated is numbed by applying a topical local anesthetic cream so that throughout the procedure, the patient feels no pain or discomfort.

  • During treatment:
    The hyaluronic acid-containing injection is administered underneath the skin surface which gets dispersed quickly and absorbed within a 2 cm radius of the site of injection. For treating the lower-third part of the face, 10 injection points are taken into consideration to supply the skin with Hyaluronic acid. 
    The results can be immediate and improved firmness, elasticity, and overall skin quality can be observed. Successive sessions can be done at a gap of a month for better results. 

  • Post-treatment:
    The treated individual can return to his/her daily schedule with light physical activities soon after the procedure. It is highly recommended that within 24 hours of treatment, sports and physical activities should be avoided. Moreover, for the first few days, till the skin gets properly recovered, it is advised that the person avoids intense UV or sun exposure, steamy bath, or saunas.  

This treatment is the best option for people who feel their skin is dehydrated, tired, and dull, as it works by stimulating collagen and elastin. People who want to improve the tone and texture of their skin and also want to reduce fine lines from their face can opt for this treatment.

The cost of PROFHILO treatment depends on various factors and at Dadu Medical Centre, this treatment is offered at most economical cost while delivering the desirable outcome to the patient.

Benefits of PROFHILO treatment

  • It is a quick and effective treatment for the skin and is associated with minimal discomfort and downtime.
  • It is an ideal treatment to get textural improvement by a faster tissue repair process.
  • The overall skin hydration and quality are enhanced which gives an aesthetically pleasing look to the individual as the skin looks soft and supple.
  • This unique treatment helps in bio-stimulation of all 4 kinds of elastin and collagen (structural fibers) as well as improvement in skin hydration. This results in the skin becoming tighter, firmer, smoothened, and youthful.
  • This is a popular skin-care treatment with long-lasting, natural results that can be noticed instantly after treatment.

To get youthful-looking wrinkle-free skin, book an appointment now with the best cosmetic dermatologist in Delhi at Dadu Medical Centre located in Delhi, Vasant Vihar (South Delhi), Rajouri Garden (West Delhi).

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