General Dermatology

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General dermatology covers disorders of skin, hair, and nail, from the most mild and common, to the most ambiguous or severe. Dadu Medical Centre in Delhi, Vasant Vihar (South Delhi), Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) for General Dermatology and Medicinal Skin treatments in Delhi. We provide expert consultation, examination,, diagnosis and treatments of various diseases of skin, hair, nails including acne, rashes, allergies, skin cancer and tumors, warts, moles, cysts, skin tags as well as other skin growths. We treat all skin conditions despite of type, severity, or age of the patient.

Our key to successful treatments and happy patients is our belief in compassion and complete care. We understand that sensitivity is much needed while treating our patients as skin conditions can accompany complex emotions, stigma and social inconvenience. Therefore, we believe in identifying the underlying causes first and then customize the treatment for you so that you can do away with such conditions once and for all.

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