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Gynecomastia is a common benign condition in which males develop ‘female-like’ breas-ts of varying sizes. This condition is also associated with causing a lot of psychological stress among males, making a majority of them opt for a surgical intervention or solution.  Newborns, boys going through puberty and older men may develop this condition because of an imbalance in hormones, though other causes also exist. 

The surgery for treating this condition is becoming increasingly popular for obvious reasons. First, it is minimally invasive with reduced downtime and last but not the least it is aimed at giving the patients a permanent solution from having to walk with female-like breas-ts. So, there is a lot of mental peace that one would attain after the surgery apart from achieving a contoured man-like chest. 

The procedure known as male breas-t reduction surgery involves an amalgam of liposuction and removal of excess glands to get a ‘flat chest’. First, liposuction is performed through small keyholes and then the excess breas-t tissue left is removed by a small incision that is well concealed in the areola.
The entire surgery can be performed in one and a half to 3 hour’s time under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation and local anesthesia. Our board-certified visiting surgeons make sure the treatment is performed keeping in mind the patient’s safety as a high priority. 

Post-op Care
It is an outpatient procedure for a majority of cases and the patients can go back home the same day a few hours after the surgery. If performed under local anesthesia the patient can get discharged much sooner after the procedure. Bruising, swelling, numbness and burning sensation are some of the temporary side effects of the surgery.  Sometimes loss of nipple sensation may occur, which can be cured in the long term. It is very rare that a second procedure is performed to remove the additional tissue. As far as the recovery is concerned, a compression garment is required to be worn for a period of 4 months. It helps in reducing the discomfort associated with the surgery and supporting the skin in re-draping to the newfound chest contours.

Proper diet and exercises as advised by the surgeon to help in augmenting the final results that can be achieved over a period of time. It is crucial to know that sudden weight gain can cause the breas-t area to become larger once again.

For Gynecomastia Surgery, Visit at Dadu Medical Centre located in Delhi, Vasant Vihar (South Delhi), Rajouri Garden (West Delhi).

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