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Breas-t Augmentation

If you wish to reform, increase or improve the size of your breas-ts and also restore a perfectly balanced figure, then breas-t augmentation surgery at Dadu Medical Centre located in Delhi, Vasant Vihar (South Delhi), Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to meet your needs. This surgery is done by using implants or by transferring fat from one’s own body to the treated area. In the first case, the procedure involves placing breas-t implants under the breas-t tissue or chest muscles. 

Most women opt for this procedure to feel confident and achieve a more proportionate body figure. Once you opt for the surgery, our visiting surgeons prepare you for the procedure by discussing your preferences like size, the appearance of the breas-t etc. and existing issues in detail. They also discuss with you the options available after a thorough examination and understanding your medical history, if any.

The Procedure 
A breas-t implant surgery in Delhi, Vasant Vihar (South Delhi), Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) is performed by expert surgeons who follow this simple procedure:

  • The surgeon will make an incision and create a pocket underneath the breas-t tissue to make space for the implant.
  • The implants are placed and the incision is closed using absorbable sutures (in most cases).

There are different types of incisions that are made to successfully place the implants like:

  1. Inframammary: Incision made in the breas-t crease underneath the breas-t.
  2. Transaxillary: Incision made near the armpit
  3. Periareolar: Incision made around the black area covering the nipple
  4. Transumbilical: Incision made in the belly button/navel (only for Saline implants)

Types of Breas-t Implants
Depending on your medical history, body, and expectation from breas-t implant surgery, you can choose from the following different kinds of implants:

  1. Silicone Breas-t Implants – Pre-filled with soft silicone gel, silicone breas-t implants are the most commonly used breas-t implants around the world. 
  2. “Gummy Bear” Silicone Implants – Pre-filled with cohesive gel, these implants are more stable and firmer than soft silicone implants. They may require a longer incision as compared to saline implants. These are also known as ‘teardrop implants’ because of its shape.
  3. Saline Breas-t Implants – These are sterile salt water filled implants. They may be inflated after the implant is placed. Thus the incision made is smaller as compared to other implants.  

However, the USFDA has approved the usage of silicone implants for breas-t enhancement surgeries. But, it is important for women to know that although these implants are long-lasting, they need to get replaced after some time. 

Breas-t Augmentation with fat transfer:
A virtually scar-less technique, breas-t augmentation by transferring fat from one’s own body involves harvesting of fat from the thigh, abdomen or the buttock. Fat harvested is transferred using liposuction and injected at different areas of the breas-t. However, it is a fairly new method and currently in its evolution phase. A breas-t lift may be combined with any of these procedures in cases of droopy volume-less breas-ts. 

Post Treatment Care:

  • You are advised to wear a support bra just after the procedure for at least a period spanning 4-6 weeks.
  • You will experience stretching and pain initially because the breas-t tissue stretches during implant placement.
  • The breas-ts may become touch-sensitive and may get red and swollen. However, it all returns back to normal in a couple of days.
  • You are not supposed to exert yourself for a couple of weeks. So, keeping a watch on your physical activities is crucial.
  • Intimacy with partner shall be guided by your recovery.
  • In the long term, periodic checkups and consultation with your surgeon every few years have to be maintained.

Breas-t augmentation surgery in Delhi not only helps you change your cup size but also help you regain the lost confidence and self-esteem associated with disproportionate body type. At the same time, you must know that your expectations from the surgery should be real and not imaginary. Also, breas-ts tend to age and implants need to be corrected with repeated mammograms even after years.

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