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365 Oxyboost

Air Pollution in Delhi has earned an unenviable distinction and the hazardous level of air quality causes havoc on the skin. The pollutants in the air clog the skin pores causing various long term problems like acne, dullness, dehydration, redness and premature aging. The skin is the protective layer of the body, hence it is essential to protect it from harmful pollutants present in the atmosphere. At Dadu Medical Centre located in Delhi, Vasant Vihar (South Delhi), Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) a multi-tasking skin treatment "365 Oxyboost" helps the skin to fight against the harmful effects of pollution.

The aim of this treatment is to remove the pollutants and dirt from the skin pores which are buried deep within the skin and unclog them. As the skin cells are devoid of oxygen and water due to the smog in the air, 365 Oxyboost helps in the deep cleansing of the pores and oxygen infusion helps to replenish the water content in the deeper layers of skin this helps the skin to restore the hydration and making the skin plumper.

365 Oxyboost is a multistep treatment involving the benefits of the LED mask which destroys the toxins and boosts the collagen production along with treating the existing acne (if any). LED emits different colored and wavelengths of light which target different concerns and help in overall skin rejuvenation. The bubble mask used in this treatment contains blackberry extract rich in antioxidants, which helps to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin and yield a more youthful and radiant look. The charcoal in the mask draws out the pore-clogging impurities and excess oil.

This treatment allows the skin to neutralize the harmful effects of pollution by cleansing the skin from within and helps get rid of the skin problems caused by pollution.

For 365 Oxyboost Treatment, Visit at Dadu Medical Centre located in Delhi, Vasant Vihar (South Delhi), Rajouri Garden (West Delhi).

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