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What To Do When Skincare Products Stop Working!

Whenever we face skin issues, then a skincare expert advice provides the best help. We opt for the best solution possible after complete research about the problem to solve a specific skincare concern. We all tend to look out for common solutions that have worked for our friends and family and the ones that are popular worldwide, like, salicylic acid for acne or vitamin C for skin glow. But is it really helpful all the time?

What has worked for hundreds will work for everyone else as well? And will it be beneficial for a long time period?

If skin transformation was that simple, everyone would have cracked the code. In this blog, we will be discussing some very common ingredients that can stop working after a certain time and what measures one must follow to treat these skin concerns.

Multiple times we face a common issue that certain skincare products do not work for us. At times in spite of solving the problem, they even make it worse, which can be more confusing than annoying. Here is the answer to why certain products don't work well for certain people and what can be the alternative ingredients to solve the concern.

Salicylic acid for acne: This is the very first ingredient that is recommended when anyone faces acne at any point in their life. But when acne is not responding to salicylic acid, and the skin is getting more damaged, it is time to switch the ingredient. Not all acne types are similar, and hence salicylic acid might not be able to treat severe acne. Cystic acne will require something stronger than salicylic acid. It is advisable to use any over the counter medication after consulting with the dermatologist. There are certain basic procedures that can be done at dermatology clinics like light therapy, which will help calm down acne. The skin expert can even prescribe stronger combinations to help to control severe acne, which can include both topical and oral antibiotic medications.

Niacinamide: Many times, trendy ingredients suddenly stop working or showing any improvement. This could be because of two reasons that the product is piling up on the skin and is not getting absorbed properly, or the ingredient is not suiting the skin leading to itching, redness, or rash. If absorption is the issue, then try using a small quantity and let the product absorb before applying the next layer of moisturizer. In case of the adverse reaction, switch to a gentler ingredient like rosehip oil. A dermatologist can recommend niacinamide for multiple skin conditions, so if the product is not suitable for a skin type, then consult them for an alternate option for the given skin condition.

Retinol: When it comes to early signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, elasticity, or a condition like an acne, retinol is the first advice of any expert. But multiple patients with very sensitive skin experience dryness, rashes, peeling off, or even burning in certain cases. This could be because of the fact that retinol could be too potent for a few people. It could be strong, or one might be using a high percentage of the ingredient. In this case, one must reduce the percentage of the active ingredient and mix it with moisturizer before use. If it still causes any adverse reaction, then switch to the milder ingredient after consulting the dermatologist.

Vitamin C: The most loved ingredient by almost everyone as this imparts glow and combats dullness and tanning. Vitamin C is supposed to nourish the skin and add glow to the face, and if it is not doing so, then it means its time to switch. Vitamin C is available in different forms in different products, and not all the forms work for all skin types. The L-ascorbic acid does not work well for sensitive skin. People have a tendency to get irritation and redness with the same. Instead, opt for water-soluble derivatives of vitamin C, which are gentle to the skin or switch to ingredients like magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. The dermatologist can help one to choose the best suitable ingredient for their particular skin type.

Hyaluronic Acid: If someone has dry skin, they must have used this ingredient for sure. But even after using hyaluronic acid, if the skin appears dry and dehydrated, one must use hyaluronic acid with a supporting ingredient. Adding a moisturizing product might yield the best result as one expecting with face oils or essence.

There are many other common reasons that many people overlook while using products. These could certainly be very simple yet vital points to keep in mind whilst using skincare products that could otherwise be the reason for a product that stopped working. Some of them are:

Expired product: Every product has a shelf life, which is average between 6-12 months as per product packaging and manufacturing date. Products do become less potent and effective post expiry dates and can also do harm to the skin. So take a note of the expiry date of any skincare product that one is using.

Wrong storage methods: Some products are specially marked to keep away from sunlight and humidity as that can damage the active ingredient and change its effectiveness. Keeping the products in the bathroom where temperature can get high in hot showers and significantly hamper product stability. Products like sunscreen, if kept in high temperature, may no longer be effective and can even cause irritation.

Absence of enough active ingredients: At times, one might be using a very low concentration of active ingredient that it is not targeting the skin concern and not able to provide enough to quantifiable effect on the skin. One can take help from a dermatologist and also read the labels correctly to check the number of active ingredients before applying any skincare products.

Knowing the correct ingredient to treat the skin concern is not sufficient, using them correctly and efficiently is also important to see beneficial results on the skin. Consult an expert dermatologist and look out for signs if an ingredient is not working for a particular skin type. An expert will help to choose the right product and also yield the best benefits of the same.

Keep Healthy! Keep Glowing!