The Best Skincare & Hair Care Tips for Winter

Winter is here! And, our skin and hair require some extra care to look good. Glowing skin and healthy hair give one confidence. Also, it is worth giving time and energy to your appearance. So, here are some tips that are helpful to keep the skin and hair healthy:

1. Apply a good Moisturizer

Never forget to moisturize your skin to prevent dryness. Opt for a cream-based moisturizer if the skin is too dry; look for humectants, dimethicone, and ceramides in the moisturizer as they help retain moisture and keep the skin barrier intact. Moisturizing the skin prevents the skin from dryness, damage, and itchiness.

2. Apply Sunscreen 

Even on grey winter days do not forget to apply your sunscreen. It is equally important to apply sunscreen even inside the home as it is to apply on a bright sunny day. UV rays can penetrate through the clouds and window panes and still cause damage. Moreover, sunscreen protects from the blue light that is emitted by electronic devices like laptops and phones. Opt for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 40+ and PA rating +++ on all exposed body areas.

3. Make sure you dry your hair completely

Even though hot showers seem comforting during winter but avoid using hot water for hair wash. Use lukewarm or cold water to rinse the hair. Ensure using a good conditioner to avoid flyaway hair during dry winter days. Avoid using too many heat appliances. Opt for leave-in conditioners once a week to replenish moisture and reduce the damage of heat styling appliances and indoor heating.

4. Have a balanced healthy diet and keep yourself hydrated

Undoubtedly, one needs to have a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables of different colors and optimum water intake. Sometimes when skin tends to be very dry in winter, include food and supplements that contain omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids like fish or flaxseeds, antioxidants like green tea, and turmeric. A balanced diet provides essential nutrients to the body which are required to support the skin in its protective functions.

5. Take care of the hands, feet, and lips too

Do not forget the chapped lips or dry hands and feet. Wear gloves and scarves. Opt for lip balms to prevent chapping of lips and apply moisturizers on feet and hands soon after the bath. Keep your bath time short. No matter how tempting and relieving those hot showers seem, too much time in hot showers can dehydrate skin and strip off natural oils from the skin.

6. Cut down on Exfoliation

Though exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and make the skin look smooth and vibrant, do not overdo it in winter. It is possible to over-exfoliate the dry and dead skin in winter. If the skin looks dry or flaky opt for mild exfoliation once in 15 days. Harsh scrubs can break down and damage the skin barrier and cause damage and dehydration. If the skin looks cracked or irritated avoid exfoliation until it is healed. One can even opt for sleeping masks to retain moisture and keep skin healthy and hydrated.

Ultimately, the key to keeping skin healthy is to moisturize it frequently with the right skincare products and use a humidifier and stay well protected. One must know that each one of us has a different skin type. So, we should identify our skin type to be able to keep our skin healthy by following the right skincare routine. A dermatologist can help provide a customized skincare routine.

Keep Glowing! Keep Healthy!