Summertime is here and with it, the whole army of skincare issues. As the sun is blazing, one needs to take proper care of the skin. Here are a few sins one should avoid during summer.

1. Moisturizers- You should avoid using heavy and richer moisturizer used in winter season. In hot weather, our skin begins to create more sebum so it is better to switch to a water-based gel or lightweight lotion formulation.

2. Sun protection- Don't forget to wear sunscreen. UV rays can be harmful to your skin. Pick a sunscreen according to the skin type. A minimum SPF of 40 is recommended and must be applied 20-30 minutes before you head out into the sun. It should be applied even you are indoors as there are radiation emitting gadgets like laptop, microwave and tube lights around you that can cause pigmentation. The application can be repeated after 4 hours.  Also, make sure to protect your eyes with sunglasses and lips with lip balm.

3. Hydration- Proper hydration is a must in summer as we tend to lose water and minerals through sweating in summer. Dehydrated skin appears dull, lips look dry and wrinkles exaggerated. Make sure your intake of water is an optimum 8-10 glass at least. Try vegetable juices and natural alternatives like coconut water to hydrate yourself and feel fresh.

4. Lighter Fabrics- Wear lighter and cotton fabrics as tight clothes will cause irritation and itching. Prolonged conditions lead to rashes and sometimes even skin infections like a fungal infection and bacterial infection.

5. Makeup– Avoid overly done makeup on a hot day as it will clog the pores and will cause a breakout. Always remove makeup before going to bed.

6. Overworking The Skin- Don’t be too rough on your skin. It is the most delicate organ of the body but the one we tend to overwork the most, especially as we battle sweat and clogged pores during the summer. As tempting as it may be, stay away from roughly textured exfoliants, which can cause sensitivity and irritation on top of all that extra sun exposure. A deep-cleaning pore face mask is great for pulling out the toxins and dirt from the skin but just as with exfoliants, use masks only once or twice per week, depending on the strength of your skin. 

7. Skipping Sleep- The term “beauty sleep” is not a myth. It is based on scientific facts. During asleep, our body releases growth hormone. The hormone assists the skin to repair itself and can add to a healthy glow. People who don't get the required amount of sleep or people who have a poor quality of sleep often, do not produce enough of this hormone and can, as a result, have dull skin which also ages faster.

8. Unhealthy Eating- During the summers, the heat and UV light cause significant oxidative damage to the skin and also other organs. It can also cause damage at the cellular level. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants which combat this damage. If proper attention is not paid to the diet and we have inadequate anti-oxidants in the diet, then there is extensive damage to the cells which manifests as accelerated aging. Make sure you eat the rainbow. Fruit and vegetables fall into five different color categories namely- red, purple/blue, orange, green and white/brown. Each color carries its own set of unique disease-fighting chemicals called phytochemicals. Hence it is beneficial to consume all the important colors.

9. Insufficient Cleansing- Sunscreen and sweat are two of the worst culprits when it comes to blocked pores leading to breakouts. Be sure to double cleanse every evening to remove excess sweat, makeup, dust, pollution, oil, and sun cream

10. Hot Showers- Hot water damages your skin by stripping your skin of its natural oils resulting in dry, red, unhappy skin. Rinse off in cooler, refreshing showers. Blast the water as cold as you can take it towards the end for re-energized feel and shinier hair.

So, try and dodge these sins for an excellent looking and gleaming skin tone this summer.

Keep Healthy Keep Glowing!