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Summer Care Tips For Men

If you still think that a beauty regimen and skincare routine is for women only, you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s time to take things more seriously, guys. Here are some great summer care tips for men so that your skin stays protected.

1. Cleanse Your Face Twice a Day- Men’s skin is oilier, to begin with. So cleansing the face twice a day, with a cleanser or face wash and not scrubbing it with soap is imperative. It cleans the pores and removes excess oil.

2. Moisturise– Use a lightweight moisturizer with SPF 15 or above.  It will keep your skin moisturized, wrinkle-free, prevent any fine lines to appear on the face and will restore the moisture balance after exfoliation.

3. Use a Sunscreen Every Day– This goes without saying but sunscreen will work if you use it in a correct way. Be sure to use a broad spectrum sunscreen 30 min before heading outdoors. Apply a sunscreen with a minimum SPF 40 and reapply after every 2 hours. Don’t forget your ears, hands, and feet. Use a lip balm with SPF to safeguard your lips against sun rays.

4. Exfoliate- Getting rid of dead skin cells via natural scrubbing is also important during summers. Men should go for exfoliation twice a week. Natural radiance can only be achieved if you remove the older dead cells and nourish the newer skin cells.

5. Eat Healthily– Our skin is hugely impacted by our diet and lifestyle choices. Include plenty of seasonal fruits in your diet as these contain antioxidants which protects our skin. Stay hydrated and drinks a lot of water daily.

6. Take Care While Shaving- Try to avoid shaving every day in summers. Also, use an aftershave to protect your skin and reduce the sensitivity to the sun. It helps to revive lost moisture and natural oils after a close shave. Hygiene practice like keeping the skin pores clean & bacteria-free helps prevent acne.

7. Maintain Hygiene And Fighting Body Odor– You might need to shower more than once a day if you perform vigorous exercise. Showering right after your workout will help wipe away sweat and inhibit your skin from breaking out. Remember to choose mild soaps; you don’t need to be harsh on your skin to get rid of the dirt.

Additional care during summertime is all you need to keep your skin healthy.

Stay Healthy, Keep Glowing!