Grooming Tips for Men

Your looks make the first impression on someone and to gain a positive impression, proper grooming is really important. The way you carry yourself defines a lot of your personality. Personal grooming includes all right from daily bathing, wearing fresh clothes to your hair or beard styling. Women are more conscious when we talk about looks & grooming though men should also invest little time to their overall appearance & care because not only it speaks about your personality but it also makes you feel good & boost their confidence & self-esteem. It also creates a perception in other person about the kind of person you are.

Looking fresh & smooth and confident takes some time & efforts, worth giving if you are looking to change your appearance, look confident.

Here are ways a man can take care of themselves without looking too polished.

  • Face wash/ A perfect facewash – You need to be very wise while choosing a proper face wash for your skin. Face wash enriched with AHA( Alpha Hydroxy Acids) gently exfoliates the skin thus reveals a clean & fairer looking smooth skin. Also they are best for pigmented skin.

  • Balanced Moisturizer – A dry & oily skin starts getting many common ailments like acne, comedones. So a balanced moisturizer is really important, best suiting to skin to keep skin healthy, tan free & clear.

  • Beard shaping/ A great shave – For men, it’s an important , for sensitive & dry skin , it is recommended to put a thin layer of shaving gel. This reduces the fiction of damage to skin. Another thing is to understand that multiple blade razor has no extra advantage. A single blade can work well, all you need to take care is use sharp blade only to avoid skin abrasion/damage due to nick in blades. So it’s good to change blade every week or two. Key to a good shave is :

    1. Prepare the skin with hot mositurized towel to the hairs soft.
    2. Use a gentle shaving gel
    3. A smooth blade with no nick.
    4. Moisturize skin with a good after shave gel or cream.

There is no such calculated prefixed scheduled for the timings of shaves or trims. Though a laser beard shaping is recommended as it is very comfortable and will save your time and also many bacterial and viral infections caused by blades when used casually or without checking. Length trimming, cheeks shape up and neckline clean can be done at home easily. And if you are ready to check out some new trending beard styles, pick a good hygienic salon.

  • Exfoliation of skin – Exfoliation help to remove dead skin, exposing the younger fresh skin underneath. So it make the face appear smooth with a smooth skin reducing the dullness. It also clear out the clogged pores, that further prevents the acne breakouts. But choosing the right exfoliative agent and the right technique is really important to avoid risk of skin abrasion, puffiness & swelling. Besides the exfoliative scrubs and creams available in market. You can also use your own homemade facial scrubs.

  • Sunscreen cover – Exposure to UV light of sun steals the youth of skin. Skin soak up the ultra violet rays of sun causing injury to the top layer of skin. This appears as golden colour of skin, also known as tan. It also leads to other changes in skin like freckles, actinic keratosis, etc. All these speed up the ageing of skin. This also increases the risk of skin cancer. Men are usually careless about sunprotective measures, so are more prone to sun tan and damage. They need to use sunprotective hats, bodies & face creams. So selection of a good sunscreen is really important. It not only save your skin from damage but improves the skin texture and prevent early ageing.

  • Body Odour – This unpleasant problem can lower your confidence. Never let your body odour hurt your self- esteem. Choose right perfumes or deodrants.

  • Chapped Lips – Avoid scaly lips with the use of lip balms to soothe chapped lips. Drink plenty of water and don’t lick lips to avoid dermatitis around lips, caused by lip licking.

  • Nasal Hairs – Trim away the extra and unruly poking hairs from nose not just to avoid unsightly look but also to avoid infections in the surrounding area.

There are few more habits like proper sleep , early medication to treat acne, avoiding smoking & alcohol, that can add on shine to your skin. I hope these tips will help you make a great impression as a well groomed man, immediately stands out in crowd, just by his presence. For all the medicated grooming products like moisturiser and sunscreens and to know about laser beard shaping you should consult with an expert dermatologist.

Keep Healthy Keep Glowing !