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Benefits of Vitamin E for Skin and Hair

A balanced diet always has a vital role to play in maintaining healthy skin. It is of great importance that we consume all the vitamins and micronutrients in required amount to maintain healthy and glowing skin. Every trace element has an important role to play in maintaining healthy body and skin. Vitamins are proven to be beneficial not only when ingested but also when applied topically in form of skin creams and serums. In this blog, we will be disclosing the wonders that vitamin E can do to maintain a healthy and glowing skin. 

Types of Vitamin E 

Vitamin E is a very popular anti inflammatory fat soluble vitamin. Vitamin E is available in 8 different forms: 
    1. Alpha-tocopherol
    2. Beta-tocopherol
    3. Gamma-tocopherol
    4. Delta-tocopherol
    5. Alpha-tocotrienol
    6. Beta-tocotrienol
    7. Gamma-tocotrienol 
    8. Delta-tocotrienol 

Tocopherol is the form which is beneficial for skin and body. 

How Vitamin E is beneficial for skin?

• Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects the skin cells from free radical damage & sun damage.
• It helps in increasing cell turnover, maintains hydration and works to promote regeneration of cells thus preventing signs of ageing such as fine lines & wrinkles.
• It also helps in diminishing acne & scars.
• It has anti-inflammatory properties as well and hence works well in cases of eczema and reduces redness and itching of skin. 
• It helps in mild psoriasis and dryness as it has moisturizing and healing properties that help soothing the skin. 
• It is helpful in combating the damage caused by pollution as well. 
• It fastens the wound healing process. 
• Another lesser known benefit of vitamin E is that it helps in reducing stretch marks if used regularly. 
• It is beneficial in improving dark circles and fine lines near the under eye area. It can be used in normal skin care routine. Gently massaging vitamin E based under eye creams can show visible improvements in the under eye pigmentation. 
• Vitamin E is useful for chapped lips as well as it has hydrating properties. 
• It is helpful in maintaining oil balance of the skin.

How to consume Vitamin E?

Vitamin E can be taken in form of oral supplements but it can also be consumed from various food items like spinach, broccoli and green leafy vegetables. Except these they are available in dry fruits, seasonal fruits, sunflower oil, vegetable oil also contain Vitamin E. Those who relish non vegetarian food can consume it from egg, fish like salmon and sea food. Naturally occurring vitamin E is listed on labels as d-alpha tocopherol and synthetically made vitamin E is listed as dl-alpha-tocopherol. Natural form is always considered more potent than the synthetic form. Also, it is best absorbed with vitamin C. 

When consumed orally Vitamin E is delivered to skin by sebum which is secreted by sebaceous glands. Thus, people with oily skin have higher vitamin E concentration than people with dry skin. Vitamin E is a very common ingredient in many topical skincare products these days like anti ageing creams, under eye serums, sunscreens etc. Vitamin E oil is also proven to be beneficial in keeping skin hydrated, if someone has very dry skin. Vitamin E oil is available in form of capsules also that can be diluted with carrier oil and used. 

Vitamin E for Hair 

Vitamin E is not only beneficial for skin but also can do wonders for hair too. It helps grow hair healthy and adds shine to them. It has the ability to kick start and improve blood circulation towards follicles helping them thrive. Vitamin E oil can be mixed with carrier oil and massaged onto the scalp one hour before washing. It also prevents premature greying of hair. 

Too much of anything can prove to be harmful as well. This basically means that we need to limit the intake of Vitamin E as abundance of vitamin E intake can prove to be harmful by inhibiting the ability of blood to clot leading to serious bleeding at times. 

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can be very beneficial for skin and hair if used properly and efficiently under an expert’s guidance and supervision. Therefore, always consult a dermatologist to monitor the usage and dosage of vitamin and other supplements to keep skin healthy. 

Keep healthy! Keep Glowing!