Thread Lift

Thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure which is done through fine threads and with filaments that are placed under the skin to lift it to a more young position and appearance.

This treatment provides instant rejuvenation and also stimulates new collagen around filaments for long-lasting results. For thread lift treatment in Delhi, please feel free to connect.

Thread lift in Delhi at Dr. Nivedita Dadu’s Dermatology Clinic is used to address mild to moderate sagging in the neck, cheeks, jawline, tummy, arms, eyebrows, etc. 

A thread lift is a non-surgical substitute to a facelift and produces remarkable results without general anaesthesia or bruising. It also heals fast and is much more budget-friendly than a surgical procedure. To enquire about the cost of non-surgical facelift in Delhi, please get in touch with us.

Both men and women between 40-60 years of age with mild sagging are often the best candidates for a thread lift in Delhi. It is also an appropriate option for patients who want rejuvenation beyond injectables and energy-based devices but are not willing or able to undergo a surgical procedure and general anaesthesia.

A thread lift procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. It usually takes an hour to complete. However, treatment time may vary from patient to patient and depends on the number of filaments used explains the best thread lift doctor in Delhi.

Factors such as the patient’s age and degree of skin elasticity impact the longevity of thread lift results. Nevertheless, most individuals experience smoother, lifted skin and a vibrant appearance for 1 year following a thread lift treatment in Delhi performed at Dr. Nivedita Dadu’s Dermatology Clinic.