This new skin resurfacing treatment in Delhi is an up-gradation of the standard microdermabrasion procedure because it stimulates collagen production and also penetrates topical treatments deep into the skin’s layers. The SilkPeel™ Dermalinfusion™ System (now known as DiamondGlow™) combines non-invasive exfoliation by providing deep delivery of patient-specific solutions directly to the skin without crystal or other chemical exfoliants. Unlike many other skin resurfacing treatments in Delhi, SilkPeel™ is a much gentler procedure. It is non-invasive and soothing. The main advantage is that it provides the optimum results without using any harsh chemicals or uncomfortable treatments! The result is healthy, strong, and resilient-looking skin that is free of fine lines and wrinkles as per the best dermatologist in Delhi.

Both SilkPeel™ and microdermabrasion (popular skin rejuvenation treatments in Delhi) facilitate the exfoliation or removal of outer layers of skin. But, SilkPeel™ does not use any abrasives rather it uses treatment serums that are specifically designed to treat skin conditions for maximum benefit.

The SilkPeel™ or DiamondGlow™ treatment in Delhi is performed to exfoliate the outer layers of the skin and suction away the dead skin cells that can give the skin a dull appearance. This treatment serums used in SilkPeel™ penetrate deep into the skin and infuse the skin with vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. Nourishing your skin brings on a vibrant healthy-looking glow that is immediately seen after the SilkPeel™ treatment in Delhi. To know the SilkPeel™ Dermalinfusion™ cost in Delhi, please feel free to connect. 

SilkPeel™ Dermalinfusion™ in Delhi involves a soft process and there is no pain felt during the treatment. You may resume your normal duties with no effects after the treatment suggests the best skin specialist in Delhi.

SilkPeel™ treatment takes 60minutes (on the higher side) to complete without any downtime.

The results of the SilkPeel™ facial in Delhi are visible soon after treatment. Your skin will have a healthy glow, look and feel clearer. 

The SilkPeel™ post-treatment care should include sunscreen, moisturizer, and eye cream to keep looking your best.

SilkPeel™ is suitable for people with skin issues like acne-prone skin, dry skin, showing signs of ageing, and the ones suffering from tanning or sunspots. 

SilkPeel™ is gentle and can be used anywhere where skin needs rejuvenation explains the best skin specialist in Delhi. It is mostly done on the face and neck to restore a young appearance. It can also be used on the chest, hands, or feet too.

You may see visible results after the first SilkPeel™ treatment session, lasting and more noticeable results will be seen after 6 treatments which are done 14 days apart. Post that, you may have the treatment once a month to maintain the result or as per the guidance of your skin doctor in Delhi.

Your skin will have a warm, pinkish glow that will usually disappear in about 30 minutes, leaving your skin looking healthy and renewed. Patients with very sensitive skin may experience minimal irritation after SilkPeel™ treatment in Delhi.

SilkPeel™ treats the most common skin conditions with 4 topicals for hydrating, skin lightening, detoxifying, and clarifying the skin - explain the skin doctors in Delhi. 

1. Super Hydrating – Skin Hydrating Solution: Hyaluronic Acid is used to re-hydrate severely dehydrated skin. This procedure moisturizes and increases epidermal thickness and helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Skin Brightening – Lumixyl Pro-Infusion Solution: A solution that contains revolutionary Lumixyl peptides that are targeted to improve uneven pigmentation and dark spots, and an overall glowing complexion

3. Detoxifying – Vitamin C Solution: An anti-oxidant solution formulated for dull, tired skin that helps eliminate the effects of environmental damage. The overall appearance of the skin is improved immediately and targeted ingredients help reduce further UV damage.

4. Skin Clarifying – Clarifying Solution: A key ingredient called salicylic acid safely and effectively improves the appearance of cystic and pustule acne. The aloe extract helps soothe inflamed, irritated, and the most sensitive areas.