Facial mesotherapy is a great technique to get luminous, more plump, and youthful skin. To address this, it uses vitamins and hyaluronic acid microinjections. When it comes to effectiveness and safety, this minimally invasive treatment is well-tolerated and includes just a few side-effects. You can undergo with it at any point of time at the clinic. It only requires your 20 minutes to deliver the desired results. 
As a precaution to minimize its discomfort, we apply anesthetic cream prior to treatment. On the whole, it does not leave any scars, but in some cases, especially in people having very sensitive skin, it can result in swelling. During the procedure, we also apply cold compress on the injection areas to avoid bruising. The unique trait about this treatment is you can resume with normal activities immediately just after the treatment with great ease.

Needle-free mesotherapy is a gentle technique to get flawless skin with little or no pain at all. This smart technique counts on Ultrapeel Transderm Ionto System, which includes two approaches:
Microdermabrasion: A non-chemical method to exfoliate your skin by eliminating the dead skin (outermost layer)
Dermoelectroporation: A technique that uses low-energy electrical pulses to deliver nutrients and medications into the skin. 
The systematic procedure for needle-free mesotherapy varies from clinic to clinic. However, it includes 4 essential steps. These steps are: 
Step 1: Primarily, technician cleanses the clogged pores or removes dirt. In addition to this, the technician also provides massage to ease you. 
Step 2: Next, the technician applies a layer of gel containing medication to your skin. This gel is in complete accordance with the specific requirement, and it makes sure smooth sliding of tools inside your skin. 
Step 3:  Using the tools, technician exfoliates the skin and seal the medications. 
Step 4: Lastly, after rolling, technician wipes the gel and apply necessary products to prevent infection.
It might be possible that technician or dermatologist advise you to take into account several sessions to get the desired results. Thus, proper consultation with the dermatologist and complete evaluation before treatment is a must. The number of sessions depends upon individual to individual and their condition. 

Electro mesotherapy is a needle- and pain-free alternative to traditional mesotherapy. This approach offers efficient as well as safe transdermal therapeutic solutions. In actual what it does is, it stimulates the mesoderm, the middle skin layer by directly delivering medications to the skin deeper layer. Using this mediation, you can quickly treat several conditions like cellulite, acne, or weight loss. 

Mesotherapy Injections involves following four components:

1. X- Hydronjacid
2. Glutathione
3. Koiic  acid  
4. Hyalourseuic acid

Despite the fact that some very influential dermatologists support Mesotherapy, but the FDA has not approved. In short, the FDA and mesotherapy are not in common terms with each other.  However, the point to take into account is that some of the drugs included in this miracle drug to naturally loss cellulite have been FDA approved for other purposes.  

Mesotherapy for Glow & Pigmentation
Mesotherapy is an ideal technique to heal, stimulate, and replete damaged skin by naturally infusing vitamins & specific active ingredients(like kojic acid, glutathione,  alpha-hydroxy acids, and more). When it comes to face especially pigmentation and glow, the sure-shot solution is to combine derma roller with mesotherapy. This ultimately makes your skin rejuvenating. In this treatment, these specific activities deeply penetrate the skin with essential nutrients to deliver true brightness.  The unique trait of this treatment is it is natural and involves minimal risk.

Mesotherapy is a better alternative to cure baldness in both males and females. This treatment helps not only in reducing hair loss but also aids in promoting hair growth as well as slowing male pattern baldness. It is 100% natural methodology. In this treatment, mesotherapy injections are being infused into hair loss patients' scalp to regulate vitamins, proteins, and nutrient levels.