Skin needling is a procedure that involves puncturing the skin multiple times with tiny needles attached to the dermaroller which is in cylindrical shape and induces the growth of collagen and improves the atrophic acne scarring. The derma roller which is also referred to as a microneedle roller or skin roller is a brilliant hand-held device with the ability to enhance the production of collagen and stimulate the growth of elastin and healthy skin cells. The dermaroller creates micro-channels through controlled injury by using 200 super fine medical-grade needles in order to generate new and healthy skin cells. If your skin cells are renewed regularly, it will be easier to treat prevalent aging problems for example – pigmentation, wrinkles, age spots and all kinds of scars, stretch marks as well as the hair loss if Minoxidil 5% is used along with the dermaroller and prevent them.

Dermaroller leaves your outer skin layer intact (non-ablative). The dermaroller is a natural treatment procedure which utilizes the body’s natural healing powers to revitalize the skin. No additional heat or chemicals are required because the dermaroller works by stimulating your skin cells from within.

Many patients in our clinic combine services. Fillers, Anti Wrinkle Injections and Derma rolling are no exception. It is important to wait the prescribed amount of time between your services. The time between the various treatments depends on the size of the roller to be used, the treatment area, which filler was last imparted when you got the dermaroller treatment done.

Micro needles injure the skin in such a controlled manner to stimulate the production of new collagen in your skin. The new collagen makes your skin supple and younger. It is an effective treatment to reduce the skin issues like fine lines, sagging skin, wrinkles, volume loss, and texture of the skin and acne scars. The side effects of the dermaroller only last a day or maximum two which includes inflammation, redness, swelling, sun sensitivity or slight pain.

No, there have been no reports of side effects with the roller. The dermaroller penetrates the top skin layer, where little needles form infiltration channels for a short time. This does not eliminate the protective barrier of your skin – these tiny channels are closed in hours after the micro needling. There is no long term damage caused to the skin during micro needling. The micro-injuries created by the dermaroller encourage the skin to regenerate it and making it younger and healthier.

Dr. Nivedita Dadu recommends not undergoing this treatment while you are going through this special phase of motherhood in your life. Your body needs all the vitamins and other essential nutrients while lactating or breas-tfeeding your child. The production of collagen also needs some of these vitamins and that’s why you shouldn’t use dermaroller.

Derma roller can benefit you if you have any of the following skin problems.

  1. The production of collagen decreases with ageing and therefore, causes the formation of wrinkles, creases, fold & furrows etc.

  2. Acne scars which occur when inflamed pimple damages the skin collagen.

  3. Stretch marks which appear when the dermis is continuously stretched & the collagen fibers that allow skin to stretch break down.

  4. Cellulite which worsens as the skin age, become thinner and loses collagen.

  5. Hair fall

The derma roller contains surgical needles which are sterilized. Thousands of small prick marks are made by rolling it gently over the skin and when it heals it enhances the production of collagen, the natural protein in the skin. The new collagen generated begins coming upward to the surface of the skin. The production of collagen is enhanced and it spreads itself evenly to provide a smooth skin texture, closing the open pores, remove the spots and scars, fine lines and wrinkles.

The regular sessions of derma roller boost an on-going healing process of the skin. Some patients have noticeable skin rejuvenation results between a week to fortnight after the first treatment. The derma roller can be used for treating both men and women. It has various benefits to the skin such as:
1. Cellulite removal Treatment
2. Anti-Aging Treatment
3. Using Minoxidil 5% along with dermaroller for effective Hair fall Treatment
4. Skin Smoothing Treatment
5. Scar Removal Treatment
6. Stretch Mark Treatment

Your skin quality is a very visible reminder of ageing process. As it ages there comes the appearance of lines, wrinkles, age spots and sagging areas of flesh. These signs of ageing are more noticeable:

Around the eyes (crow’s feet)

Across the forehead

Corners of the mouth (laughter lines)

Under the eyes (eye bags)

Ageing is a steady process that normally begins in our mid-20s. As we age skin’s ability to produce collagen and elastin decreases. The dead skin cells are not shed quickly therefore the turnover of the skin cells also decreases. The derma roller is safe as it naturally boosts the body’s ability to produce collagen and helps in treating the various skin aging conditions. For optimum results Dr. Nivedita suggests you get the derma roller with boosters and specialised serums.

Yes, absolutely. The Derma Roller is based on ancient acupuncture techniques developed thousands of years ago. The Derma Roller System is manufactured in accordance with ISO/CE standards. The surgical micro needles are gamma sterilised according to ISO 11137.

For Collagen Induction Therapy we prescribe to begin with at least 3 treatments and a gap of 3-6 weeks between the treatments. If you are doing dermaroller for acne then you should at least undergo 3-5 treatment sessions and you can witness the improvement up to 70-80%. The dermaroller can be used on other body parts as well and is commonly used to treat neck, décolleté, arms and legs.

The inflammatory reaction and the redness of the skin are very short and disappear only within a few hours. If the redness is severe Dr. Nivedita Dadu prescribes the use of various healing minerals, hyluronic acid and peptides post the procedure and for protection against sun, a zinc based sunscreen is used.

To ensure the right healing environment, for 1 week avoid the use of Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (for example – Glycolic Acid), Retinol, acidic or “active” ingredients.

Hair growth relies on genes that promote the development of new hair cells, which takes place within the hair follicles (the small openings on the scalp and other body parts). A number of chemicals are needed to bring about the production of hair cells. These serums, monoxide l, hair boosters when applied to the scalp after derma roller, give better results due to enhanced penetration.

Every skin is different so we can’t give a definite time frame for results, but as we roll your skin will feel lighter, tighter and brighter almost immediately. If you are treating scars or wrinkles you will see results after one session as the skin changes and collagen re-grows.

It all depends on how deep your stretch marks are, you will see a great improvement after each healing.

As compared to the other traditional peeling methods, the microneedling with the Dermaroller undoubtedly has additional advantages. The most important fact about the dermaroller treatment is that it doesn’t harm the epidermis, which is a skin protection barrier naturally. The micro-channels created in the epidermis by dermaroller are healed within a few hours and under its shield the new structure of collagen begins to form on the dermis. Now, as you already know that the dermaroller does not harm or remove the epidermis, it is clear that it doesn’t have any serious side effects.

The dermaroller has following advantages:

  • No serious risks

  • Cost efficient

  • Quick healing

  • No need to prevent exposure to Sun.

  • Out-patient treatment with topical anaesthesia

  • No harm and injuries are caused to the dermis

  • Derma roller can be repeated without any restriction

Patients with sensitive skin, keloidal tendencies, and facial warts, history of herpes or patients on medication that delay wound healing or bleeding should avoid derma rollers.