Advanced HGP

Advanced HGP is one of our innovative treatment for hair fall with impressive results and benefits of three different technology which is growth factor therapy, microneedling and low-level laser therapy all combined in one session.

Treatment is quick, effective and virtually painless, gives far more efficient results than a regular Growth Factor Therapy session. It involves combination of multiple technologies.

There are no known side effects of advanced HGP.

After HGP session avoid shampoo for about 6-12 hours. Avoid smoking and alcohol for about a day. Avoid Gyming and heavy exercise that can lead to sweating for about couple of days after HGP, and avoid scratching or itching your scalp

You can simply go back to your normal daily routine after the treatment and follow the medications prescribed by your dermatologist to see optimum results.

Advanced HGP treatment takes about 1 hour for procedure to be completed. Successive sessions are required

HGP injection will start showing improvements gradually with successive sessions. Initially improvement will be seen in terms of prevention of hair fall and gradually you will experience new hair growth combating thinning.Some patients even find better texture of the hair than before HGP

Unlike traditional HGP method which only includes HGP injection. Advanced HGP combines three different techniques ensuring better and effective results than HGP.