Advanced HGP 2.0

Advanced HGP 2.0 is an innovative amalgamation of variable technologies including growth factor therapy, low-level laser therapy, microneedling, along with the direct infusion of growth stimulators and hair peptides. This helps to deliver impressive results, and it not only stops hair fall but also boosts hair growth.

Treatment is quick, effective, and virtually painless, gives far more efficient results than a regular Hair Growth Promoters (HGP) treatment session. It involves a combination of multiple technologies to improve the efficacy of traditional HGP. In this technique, the growth factors derived from the patients's blood are directly injected into the scalp.

There are no known side effects of advanced HGP treatment.

After Advanced HGP 2.0 session do not shampoo for about 6-12 hours. Avoid smoking and alcohol, avoid gymming and heavy exercise that lead to sweating for about a couple of days. Avoid scratching in the treated area after the treatment.

One can go back to their normal daily routine after advanced HGP 2.0 treatment and follow the guidelines and medications prescribed by the dermatologist to obtain optimum results. Successive sessions are recommended at appropriate gaps. One must take the sessions as suggested by their dermatologist.

Advanced HGP treatment takes about 1.5 hours for the procedure to be completed. Successive sessions are required to achieve optimum results.

Growth factor injections will start showing effect gradually with successive sessions. Initially, improvement will be seen in terms of prevention of hair fall, and gradually you will experience new hair growth combating hair thinning. Some patients even find better hair texture after a few sessions.

Unlike traditional HGP method, which only includes HGP injection, and the Advanced HGP 2.0 combines benefits of microneedling along with HGP. Advanced HGP 2.0 works synergistically to use the benefits of hair peptides and growth stimulators to extract out optimum growth factors with no to minimal loss of platelets.

Anyone suffering from male or female pattern hair loss can opt for this treatment as suggested by their dermatologist.