4D Photofacial

Overall skin rejuvenation and glow is what one will experience straight after the 4D Photofacial. 4D Photofacial will leave your skin smoother and even-toned.

Photoprotection has to be done after the 4D Photofacial. Apply your moisturizer and sunscreen religiously. You can easily apply makeup after 6-12hours time and there is no downtime in the 4D Photofacial.

Anyone, male or female of 18 years and above age can opt for the 4D Photofacial

This 4D Photofacial majorly helps in dullness, tanning, pigmentation and overall rejuvenation of the skin.

You can visit gym 6- 12 hours after the 4D Photofacial

4D Photofacial is an advanced tailor-made 4D Photofacial that combines different technologies to fight dullness, dead skin, dryness and helps in detaining. It is a combination of diamond crystal exfoliation which helps in dead skin cell exfoliation and advances grade laser technique which works upon overall skin rejuvenation followed by a customized cocktail of serums which helps in cell replacement therapy.

Depending on one’s concern and skin condition the number of sessions can vary. Successive sessions are required to see long-lasting results.

It is advisable to discontinue photosensitizing medicines a couple of days before the 4D Photofacial. And follow the skin regimen suggested by your dermatologist after the 4D Photofacial

Unlike traditional peel, it does no visible damage to the outer layer of your skin leading to any visible downtime. In fact, it works upon a deeper layer and doesn’t have any downtime. It is a snappy lunchtime procedure that leaves your skin glowing and rejuvenated.

Yes, Makeup can be applied after a couple of hours post 4D Photofacial

No, it is not advisable to do any 4D Photofacial whilst you are pregnant or lactating.