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Biggest Skincare Mistakes made by Men

Men must pay extra care to their skincare routine as men have more androgen than women i.e. a sex hormone that is responsible for the production of sebum. This means that the skin pores in men are more likely to get clogged. This can result in the formation of acne and many other skin concerns. Having a significant skincare routine is important to protect the skin against various skin concerns. Dr. Nivedita Dadu (a dermatologist in Delhi) says, "The biggest mistake men make is not having a skincare routine at all. Another common mistake is that they often associate their skincare regimen with the items which are marketed for women!"

Dr. Dadu Dermatology Clinic has a team of best skin specialists who focus on helping people in combating various skin concerns. Grooming the skin plays an essential part in the lives of men. Taking proper skincare may sound a little feminine to some but a proper skincare routine helps in fighting premature aging and many other common skin problems.

Following are some of the common skincare mistakes that men make:

1. Not cleansing the skin well

Cleansing and moisturizing is the most important step in the skincare routine. Cleansing the skin is very important especially for those who have a beard. Some men also use products to grow their beard so the residue from the products used on the face can accumulate in the beard and prolonged exposure to this can irritate the skin. Improper cleaning can also lead to a buildup of dead skin cells. Gentle cleanser and exfoliation are very important and they must be incorporated in the daily skincare regimen. Facial skin must be cleansed with water and a gentle cleanser in the morning as well as at night. Exfoliation can trigger the skin’s natural renewal process and reveal younger skin cells. Cleansing helps the skin look healthier and provides a more even skin tone and smoother texture.

2. Avoiding sunscreen

Many people do not understand the power of sunscreen. Mostly it is observed that men avoid putting on sunscreen. Those who do apply it aren't regular with it. Male skin is more susceptible to melanoma and sun damage can result in unpleasant pigmentation spots all over the body. Sunscreen must be applied to block UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

3. Application of wrong products

One must not use harsh soap or other body washes to cleanse the face. Facial skincare products have different formulations and are gentle. Facial skin is far more sensitive than the rest of the body and it requires special care. Harsh soaps if applied on the face can dry out the skin further leading to cracking and flaking. Facial cleansers are made depending on the type of skin. The application of the wrong type of product can result in an undesirable outcome. Men are often careless while choosing their skincare products and end up using the wrong ones. They usually don’t consider their skin type while buying skincare products. For an instance, men with dry skin must not use products meant for oily skin as dry skincare products contain agents that moisturize which may clog the oily skin.

4. Bad shaving habits

Shaving foam is quite convenient to use but it does not help in making the skin better. Before shaving, men should wash their face with warm water and a cleanser to soften the beard hair. This step will also prevent the formation of ingrown hair. Shaving creams often have an irritating effect on the skin. A person must always moisturize to protect the skin. Dull razors must be avoided. Aftershave must be applied as it provides a refreshing feel and it also soothes the newly revealed skin layer.

5. Not treating acne

Acne is a very common skin problem and more than 40% of men face acne problems but seek no treatment or take no remedial measures. Acne is caused by pores being clogged with dirt and bacteria. In such a state, an individual must wash the face daily and exfoliate several times a week. Acne must not be neglected as the breakouts of acne can have severe marks on the skin. Men must use a cream with salicylic acid once or twice a day depending on the severity of the condition.

These are some of the most common skincare mistakes that men make. Most men are under the false impression that skincare is a girly thing but it certainly is not the case. Men must also apply moisturizers, use face wash daily, and must follow proper skin care regimen to keep the skin healthy.

Hope this article helped you!

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