7 Anti-aging secrets that actually work

If you are someone looking for ways to look younger and peel the years off of your skin then this write-up is a must read for you. From the food we eat to the hours we sleep and the way we wash our face, all these minor decisions can end up making us seem years older than our chronological age in the long run. 

When it comes to fading and preventing those fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots taking smarter steps in the direction of staying youthful is of utmost importance. Therefore, we decided to bring the most effective tips and secrets of anti-aging for you, that is approved by your own dermatologist Dr. Nivedita Dadu. 

1. Start from inside out
Making healthy choices in your daily lifestyle will surely reflect on how you look on the outside. Drinking adequate amount of water throughout the day will help keep your skin healthy. Following a healthy diet by filling up yourself with fermented foods, omega-3 fatty acids and proteins as well as cutting back on sugar and salt will make a lot of difference.  

2. Manage your stress
Stressful situations not only affect your mental health but also are the cause of releasing certain hormones which in turn lead to aging effects. You may not be able to avoid these situations completely but you can surely reduce it's after effects by meditating, exercising and making some conscious changes in your life. 

3. Visit your dermatologist
Regular appointment sessions with your dermatologists will help you keep a check on your skin problems as well as will keep you updated about the latest anti-aging skincare developments. Your doctor may also educate you about the treatments for more dramatic results that you’d not get from home remedies. Today, there are various non-surgical anti-aging treatments available such as
    • Thread Lift: It involves elevating different parts of the face using special threads without having to make surgical incisions as with a classic facelift.
    • Anti-wrinkle injections: These are the injections that lessen the ability of selective muscle movement, which in turn eases the appearance of expression lines around the eyes, forehead, and mouth over time to reduce wrinkles.
    • Dermal Fillers: The filler is an injectable treatment containing Hyaluronic Acid that restores youthful volume to cheeks, cheekbones, and chin, that have become thin due to weight loss or age-related facial fat loss. It is also popularly used for lip augmentation and complete profile correction of the face.
    • Derma roller/ micro needling: In this treatment, hundreds of microneedles that are present on the surface of the roller are used to stimulate the surface of the skin. This results in the formation of many tiny injuries on the skin, which stimulate the release of growth factors and stimulating collagen.
    • Vampire Facelift: It’s a revolutionary repair system which uses patient’s blood based on the principle that your own body has the potential to naturally heal and slow down the process of aging. This therapy is really effective in hair growth as well as skin rejuvenation.  
    • Tixel: Its a new non-laser fractional system of skin resurfacing that is based on thermomechanical ablation technology. Using the heat energy, when the tip of the Tixel touches the skin it causes micro injuries.

All these procedures are non-surgical and safe. So, those who fear to go under the knife can visit us at Dr. Nivedita Dadu's Dermatology Clinic in West Delhi to avail these miraculous treatments. 

4. Increase your vitamin intake
Vitamins C and E are the anti-aging antioxidants that you need in your life. Vitamin C is one of the key ingredients found in the anti-aging skincare products and for good reason. Vitamin C is an important part of collagen, the protein responsible for your skin’s elasticity. Vitamin E is found in nuts and raw seeds like almonds, hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds, so you can add these to your diet.
5. Learn to love lasers
Let’s be honest, when it comes to anti-aging treatments the most effective of them all is the skin tightening laser. Body’s natural skin regeneration process stimulates deep heating, which helps in tightening skin’s existing collagen while helping form new collagen. Over time, sagging, sloppy skin is replaced by firmer tighter skin giving him or her a more youthful look. Some of the laser techniques used for anti-aging that are highly effective are:

Anti-aging Lasers: Skin Tightening laser invigorate the skin as well as the aponeurotic sheath around the muscles (SMAS). Hence deeper and better results are expected which are more sustainable.
IPL Therapy/Photofacial: It's a medical facial using the properties of IPL (intense pulse light) laser which has scientifically proven collagen boosting and facial revival properties.

6. Skip the smokes
This habit takes a major toll on the appearance in the form of puffy eyes, wrinkles, stained teeth and premature skin aging. The smoke and nicotine starve the precious cells of oxygen and nutrition which in turn make you look old and sick.

7. Sleep it off
While we sleep our bodies are repairing, detoxifying and hormones are being balanced. Our skin cells are regenerated which helps in reducing puffiness and dryness around the eyes. Proper sleep will not only improve the circulation around your eyes but also helps in releasing stress. 

Hope this was a useful read for you. If you have any further questions related to anti-aging treatments please feel free to write to us at [email protected] or speak to our experts directly at +91-995-857-3501