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5 Tips to Make Makeup Last Longer During Monsoon Season

As much as our body enjoys the cool breeze that comes with the rains during monsoon, our skin tends to get patchy and the makeup starts dripping due to the increased humidity. So, women have to face multiple challenges whilst wearing makeup out in the rainy season to look their best. Patchy foundations, dripping eyeliners, and smudging lip colors are some common challenges. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts that one can follow when it comes to monsoon makeup routine:

  1. Moisturiser is the key: Monsoon comes with humidity but that does not mean that we give up on moisturizers. The basic attention given to skin is what helps one look the best with or without makeup. One can opt for an oil-free moisturizer as well as an oil-free, non-comedogenic foundation to match the skin. Though it is always advisable to seek expert opinion on the formulations to be used as per individual skin type and skin concerns.

  2. Never skimp on sunscreen: Besides keeping the skin hydrated, it is very important to keep the skin protected from harmful UV rays as well. Never forget to wear sunscreen underneath the makeup. It has been advised to reapply sunscreen every few hours if one has to stay outdoors for long. In this case compact with SPF can be used to do touch up when out for longer durations.

  3. Primers make the base: Primer should be applied after moisturizer to make the smooth surface for makeup. It can make a great difference in the overall look. Whilst choosing a primer please ensure that it is not heavy on the skin and helps makeup stay for a long duration.

  4. Radiate with bronzer: Bronzer can highlight the features and make one look even better with very less amount of makeup. To keep the makeup looking fresh one can reapply bronzer to main points of the face like chin, nose, cheekbones, and forehead. Do not apply bronzer on every part of the face. Just highlight the features and tips of the face. Opt for shades and brands that suit individual skin type and skin color. One can also dab the bronzer on the ear lobe and neck in case one has short hair or prefers tied hairdos.

  5. Less is often the best: Do not apply thick layers of makeup to avoid caking and creasing. Wearing less makeup will not be heavy on the skin. So, it prevents the clogging of pores and minimizes the chances of breakouts. One can also try DD creams instead of foundations or even tinted moisturizers for slight makeup regularly to help conceal wherever it is needed.

Heavy makeup will naturally melt out if it is too humid outside. So, the best practice is to avoid wearing too much of it in the first place. One can seek help from experts when it comes to choosing the right formulations as per individual skin types. In case one has any specific skin concerns like acne, pigmentation, or anti-aging then the skin experts can even help to look out for some specific ingredients that will be beneficial in treating these concerns.

Keep Healthy! Keep Glowing!