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The Most Powerful Fruit Combos for Immunity & Skin Health

A balanced diet consists of various vegetables and fruits. Fruits get easily digested by the body without giving any pain to our system in breaking them down.

All kinds of fruits are beneficial if consumed when they have ripened properly and the body can use its energy to function properly. The most fascinating fact about fruits is that they are available in all colors which indicate an abundance of various antioxidants and phytonutrients to boost up our system. One can include various combinations in their diet to harvest benefits like fighting colds and warding off inflammation along with making the skin glow and hair shiny.

So give a break to the regular toast, omelet, and cereals and switch to these colorful delicious fruits to witness the amazing difference from this new indulgence.

Here are some combinations that will help to yield the best benefits from the fruits.

1. The anti-inflammatory combo - Blueberry, Cherry, Pineapple

A rush of vitamins and antioxidants will help boost the immune system too. Pineapple is jam-packed with vitamin C and bromelain. Bromelain is an enzyme that helps reduce inflammation of the gut, boosts up the immune system, and stimulates protein digestion. When combined with blueberries it raises Vitamin C and also adds Vitamin A and E to the body. Blueberries and cherries are rich in anthocyanin which is an antioxidant responsible for their beautiful color too. Cherries not only deliver antioxidants but contain a high amount of phenolic compounds which give the system a punch of anti-inflammatory compounds.

2. The Immunity boosting combo- Strawberry, Kiwi, Grapefruit

In the present scenario where COVID-19 is on hype and strong immunity is of utmost importance this combination makes for a great breakfast. Vitamin C rich Kiwi supports the immune system by preventing free radical damage that can be a reason for inflammation in the body. Strawberries are also enriched with Vitamin C that fights off sickness. Strawberry also contains some minerals and Vitamin A that support the functioning of the immune system. This will make the immune system ready to fight the sickness.

3. The Antioxidant-rich combo - Red Grape, Fig, Pomegranate

Antioxidants are the compound that helps protect the body by scavenging free radicals that can damage skin and fasten the aging process. Red grapes consist of Resveratrol that has powerful antiaging properties and helps delay signs of aging. Leutin and zeaxanthin re the compounds that are found in Grapes which helps keep vision strong and also protect skin from harmful UV rays. Pomegranates on the other hand contain the highest amount of antioxidants which is capable of reversing free radical damage. Figs might not taste delicious but the minerals they contain are abundant. Potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, and iron can be consumed by just consuming figs in the diet. These antioxidants combo will not only help fight disease but also help one to age gracefully.

4. The Detoxification Combo- Lemon, Goji berry,Watermelon

We all are aware that detoxification requires food that will hydrate the body and flush out toxins from the system. Watermelon contains 192% water and is rich in glutathione - an important detoxification agent. This is also a good source of Vitamin A, C, and lycopene which helps fight free radicals as well. Lemon is a strong detoxifier which has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Squeeze it over the fruits or salad in the morning or one can even consume it with warm water as first thing in the morning that helps to set the digestive system right. Goji berries are a source of antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C and E, and iron which are required by the liver for the detoxification process of the body.

5. The Beauty Combo- Papaya, Blackberry, Cantaloupe

Papaya is an antioxidant-rich food that has a combination of nutrients that helps in collagen synthesis. Papin a super enzyme that helps forfeit skin damage is also available in papaya. Blackberries are low sugar fruit rich in Vitamin A, C, and antioxidants. Beta-Carotene rich cantaloupe makes the skin glow and makes hair stronger as it converts beta carotene into Vitamin A in the body.

6. The Energy Rich Combo- Banana, Apple, Avocado

If one is looking for a rush of energy pre or post-workout, this energy plate is what they need. This combo of nutrients will replenish and keep one going for hours without fatigue. Bananas on one hand are always recommended before the workout as they provide quick energy to the body. Whereas the healthy fats of avocado slow down the digestion and are advised to add in a post-workout meal. Apples keep one full for a longer duration as they are rich in fiber.

All these combinations will give a powerful boost of nutrients and multiple health benefits. Ranging from antioxidants to anti-inflammatory compounds they will provide healthy skin and strong immunity. So, start with the new routine and keep healthy in this pandemic.

Stay Healthy! Stay Beautiful!

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