Know About Mineral Makeup And Makeup Removers

Everyone seems to be mesmerized at the thought of mineral makeup and are jumping towards it.

Most of us are confused about what mineral make ups exactly are and often confuse them being natural cosmetic products. But this might not always be true!
We all want to go green with our cosmetics and with this trending interest in being safe, the craze of mineral makeup is increasing rapidly.

In this blog we will be giving a detailed insight into mineral makeup.

What exactly does Mineral Makeup mean?
Mineral makeup is made from micronized and ground tiny particles of minerals like talc, titanium oxide, iron oxide and zinc oxide.

How is Mineral Makeup different from conventional makeup?
The major difference between conventional makeup and mineral makeup is that unlike conventional makeup products it doesn’t contain fragrance, wax, emollient oils and preservatives. They have very low odor since they are fragrance free and preservative free.

Is Mineral Makeup good for all skin types?
Mineral makeup is generally in powder form as it does have any oil or water soluble phases and thus they also soak up oil to give a good natural finish to oily skin. Moreover, as they are preservative, paraben and fragrance free these are very good for sensitive skin too. Always avoid mineral makeup containing bismuth (a byproduct of lead and copper) as it can cause irritation and rashes on skin and aggravate acne. Hence, it should be avoided while opting for mineral makeup. Mineral makeup is in the form of oil free loose powder which sits on top of skin and does not penetrate into the skin like creams and liquid based cosmetics do. This avoids clogging of pores and reduces chances of irritation and skin rashes.

How to choose right Mineral Makeup?
Always read the labels correctly and properly. A product might say ‘mineral-enriched’ but would still have paraben, preservatives and fragrances added to it, check the formulations as well which can be liquid or cream too.

Benefits of Mineral Makeup

  • They are completely safe for sensitive skin and acne prone skin
  • Inert ingredients are bacteria free and hence, will last longer in terms of expiry date
  • Ingredients are potentially free of chemical, fragrances, preservatives, parabens, waxes and glutens. Thus no irritants
  • They do not clog pores and thus prevent breakouts
  • Coverage is buildable from sheer to opaque
  • Protects skin health by creating barrier between skin, elements and free radicals and also protect from UV rays.

Makeup Removers
Sleeping with makeup can also result in skin rashes, puffiness, itchy skin and breakouts. Hence, it is beneficial to remove makeup before going to bed and allow skin cells to repair and regenerate on its own. But all makeup removers might not suit every skin type. Here is how to choose the right makeup remover for individual skin type:

  • Wipes
    These are easier to use. These work better to remove light makeup. One can gently massage and wipe off makeup from eyes and lips using these wipes. But, never scrub too hard. Also, rinse off with water afterwards. Make up wipes contains surfactants and emulsifiers that help dissolve makeup and remove oil and dirt. These can cause dryness, hence, opt for alcohol free wipes and preferably the ones that contain oils which will ensure that skin remains moisturized after makeup removal. Choose wipes that are silicone, paraben and sulphate free.

  • Salicylic based make up removers
    For oily skin salicylic based or benzoyl peroxide based makeup removers work best. They will help soak up extra oil whilst cleansing all the makeup. Micellar water can also be used for oily and acne prone skin which is water based cleansers made up of tiny micelles. These are tiny balls of oil molecules suspended in water which are alcohol free, paraben free and fragrance free and work well for sensitive skin.

  • Creamy or foaming cleanser
    They are best advised for dry skin. Use them by massaging well into skin which restores the moisture of the skin along with breaking down and removing the makeup particles from skin surface. Cleansing lotion can be opted for removing makeup as they don’t contain soap or surfactant.

  • Oil free makeup remover
    They are good for all skin types and help remover makeup without clogging any pores or leading to zits or acne.

  • Cream based makeup removers
    For sensitive skin, cream based gentle makeup removers can be used which will avoid any irritation or rashes on skin. Opt for cleansing oils like baby oil, almond oil or coconut oil. They are excellent in removing the highly resistant makeup. It is not good for oily skin.

Do ensure that makeup is wiped off well before going to bed and choose the best makeup products for individual skin type. Skin experts can help to read the labels correctly if one is finding it difficult to do on their own.

Keep Healthy! Keep Glowing!