All one should know about Eye cosmetics

Eyes are a very sensitive part of the body. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and there are no oil glands there. So, it is essential to take extra care of eyes and skin around the eyes to avoid any serious issues. Hence, one needs to be extra careful when applying anything on the skin around the eyes, even if it is a moisturizer.

The skin around eye is very sensitive hence it is of utmost importance that one moisturizes the skin well before applying any cosmetic products on that area. There are a few precautions that should be kept in mind while using or buying eye cosmetics. Here are a few to list out:

  1. Never use waterproof eye makeup on regular basis as they are more difficult to remove and have higher chances of resulting in irritation and puffiness due to excess of rubbing and scrubbing whilst removing it.

  2. Eye liners and mascaras have more chances of entering into the eyes. Thus should always be removed before going to bed.

  3. The edges of the eyelids where the eyelashes grow have oil glands known as meibomian glands. These are the ones secreting oil component of the tear film that lubricate the eyes. Makeup can block these glands leading to dryness and irritation in the eyes. Thus, it is advisable to avoid applying eye makeup on the waterline, the area where eyelid meets your eyes. Moreover, applying eye make up to waterline also increases the chances of cosmetic products entering the eyes. So, if glittery products come in contact with eyes can potentially irritate the eyes and expose it to harmful bacteria. Ensure the eyeliner and kajal are applied little away from eyelash line.

  4. Avoid Kohl eyeliners as they can be harmful on long term basis. Kohl eyeliners contain dangerous levels of lead, which if comes in contact with eyes can lead to serious damages.

  5. An alcohol free and mild eye makeup remover should be used. Whilst buying an eye makeup remover ensure it doesn’t contain ingredients like alcohol, alpha hydroxyl acid or any kind of soaps or surfactants. For waterproof eye makeup baby oil or other gentle eye makeup removers work better. Preferably massage gently in downward motion without pulling or tugging too much. Also avoid ingredients like talc, sulfates, urea, phthalates and butylated hydroxyanisole. These might be labeled as preservatives, anti-cracking agents or stabilizers that can also be associated with eye irritation or serious health issues.

  6. It is advisable to use hypoallergenic eye makeup. Read the labels accurately and opt for removers that are made for sensitive skin type and are allergen free.

  7. Eye-shadows consist of fillers which could be made up of cosmetic grade talc or mica. Certain formulations use kaolin clay. Binders are used in form of powders to ensure eye shadow adheres to the skin surface and zinc or magnesium are common binders used in cosmetics. To add pigment to eye shadow ingredients like nylon, silica, dimethicone, bismuth oxychloride and boron nitride is added. Preservatives like glycol – a type of alcohol or tocopherol – vitamin E form is used which is very beneficial as it prevents bacterial growth. Eye shadows are available in form of creams or powders. Beeswax, jojoba oil, castor oil, shea butter or silicone are the ingredients used in creamy or liquid eye shadows. Stay away from glittery shadows as they tend to cause abrasion on skin due to its large particles.

Eye shadows, eyeliner, kohl, kajal beautify the eyes. But it is equally important to ensure proper skincare while opting for any kind of makeup products or eye cosmetics. It is advisable to stop using products if any irritation or redness incurs and consult a dermatologist for choosing right makeup products with the help of their expert advice.

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