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Can we delay the signs of aging naturally?

We all spend a lot of money buying serums, creams, and other anti-aging products to keep the fine lines and wrinkles at bay. But the fact is that eventually, we all are going to experience aging and the signs of aging. Few of us experience the vertical forehead lines that look like eleven on the forehead which portrays an image of one being in deep thought all the time. Whereas few witness crow’s feet symbolising intense emotions especially joy. Some of us find the eye crinkle and smile lines beautiful and accept it as a part of the life cycle. While others want to get rid of these signs of aging immediately.

Here in this blog, we will be discussing the types of fine lines and wrinkles, how they are formed and what can we do to slow them down.

Here are some of the common types of wrinkles that one will witness with time:

• The Forehead lines which run horizontally across the top of the T-zone

• The Worry lines which make an eleven between the eyebrows

• The Bunny lines appear on the bridge of the nose running horizontally between the lines.

• Crow’s feet appear on the outer corners of the eyes.

• The Laugh lines also named as nasolabial folds look like parenthesis around the lips.

• The Lip lines are visible in the form of vertical lines that hatch around the perimeter of themouth.

• The Marionette lines are the ones that frame chin vertically and as the cheeks droop jowl wrinkles form.

These lines and wrinkles can be broadly categorised into two major categories:

1. Dynamic Lines: These are temporary lines that form as a result of movements of facial muscles while making expressions. For example, smile lines are formed as we smile.Â

2. Static Wrinkles: The dynamic lines become static over a period of time with repetitive expressions and loss of elasticity in the skin.

These lines will appear on the face at some point in life which will depend on various factors including genes and lifestyle. Genes and effects of gravity are something we can not change but there are certain steps and precautionary measures that one could take to delay the more prominent lines.

1. Protect and Repair

UV rays are the first and foremost reason that causes skin damage and premature aging. Adopting the habit of wearing sunglasses, scarfs and regular use of a sunscreen can help in protecting the skin from these rays. Ensure applying sunscreen of SPF 40+ and PA rating 3+ for maximum protection. UV rays and pollution can cause free radical damage in skin and oxidative stress which can result in wrinkles. To combat the free radical damage one can consult a dermatologist for vitamin c and other antioxidant serums. These will help repair the damage and delay the signs of aging.

2. Incorporate healthy lifestyle choices

Adopting healthy lifestyle choices is good for overall health and it also reflects on the skin. The following lifestyle changes can be really beneficial:

• Have a balanced and healthy diet. Excess of sugar and alcohol is a big no-no.

• Always stay hydrated and consume enough quantity of water in a day.

• Reduce or rather quit smoking.

• Incorporate workout and exercise in daily routine.

• Ensure proper sleep patterns and rest up properly.

• Reduce stress.

3. Choose the right skincare products

In today’s busy schedule getting enough sleep and reducing stress is easier said than done. Plus with age and chronic illness at times can inhibit the ability to workout. Consuming superfoods is not always affordable. Thus, the right skincare products play an important role.

• When there are no signs of aging, keep the skincare simple. Moisturise well and apply sunscreen. One can also add essential oils like rose hip oil which works in multiple ways like a moisturiser, antioxidant, collagen booster, etc.

• Dryness can happen as the very first sign of initiation of aging. Add hyaluronic based skincare products to keep the skin plump and soft.

• When sagging is witnessed add retinol and vitamin c serums as per the recommendation of a dermatologist. They will help reduce the initial fine lines and wrinkles.

• Moisturisation is the key. As it helps keep skin healthy, repair the damage, and prevent creasing due to oxidative stress and dehydration.

4.Work on the wrinkle-causing habits

One needs to be a little mindful of these crease causing expressions and motions and prevent them to help maintain smoother skin for longer. One can avoid squishing their face to the pillow while sleeping or lying down as this will help reduce creasing. Also do not rest the chin, cheeks, or forehead in the hands; this can crease the face too. Avoid too much rubbing of eyes or raise eyebrows a lot as they can build those forehead lines and worry lines.

One can start skincare at earlier stages to delay the signs of aging and opt for clinical treatments to eliminate them later when they appear.

Stay Healthy! Stay Beautiful!

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